Monday, 19 November 2007

Dross warning

How lazy am I? Surely a blog is meant to be updated on a regular basis and all I've done is whine about work. Once. Well this blog is called whining and opining so there'll be plenty of that. There'll also be a lot of dross and no shortage of repetition as I harp on even more about the blandness and tedium of my working life. There should really be some ranting too but I tend to get that out of my system by emailing my best mate with snippets like the following:

I have to admit I'm getting a little tense at the moment.

It's one thing having to hand-hold someone else who's not sure what they're doing but when they gets so confused they get panicky within themselves it's even harder, especially when all the fucking useless bitch has had to do is label a few filing cabinets and organise the appropriate inserts/dividers AND she's had it explained to her several times. Funnily enough that's not the worst of it. In this case she really does get confused and stressed because she is in fact as thick as two short planks covered in a dense layer of pigshit, which is why she was demoted last year. Of course, if the management here had even half a testicle between them they wouldn't have kept her on after her probationary period was up and we wouldn't be in this situation now. You know I said this isn't the worst of it? Well, there's another woman here who gets in a flap about everything at the drop of a hat and earlier on I had to show her how to get a bit of text to show up in an Excel spreadsheet. Ordinarily that's fine; if someone doesn't know something and they ask for help it's all good, it's how everyone learns and gets by. This fucking aggravating cunt kept harping on about how cross she gets when the computer won't do what she wants and kept interrupting me while I was trying to explain things to her. In the end I just ignored her completely and did the work myself. That one is more annoying because she's a grade above me and although once again I'm happy with the idea of people not knowing something and asking for help it's the fact that she wastes countless hours of time with all the faffing and gets paid more than me for the privilege.

As Billy Connolly once so rightly quoted: "JESUS SUFFERING FUCK"

So, this will mainly be the meek, plaintive bleatings which are all I can manage when a day of sitting at a desk, shuffling paper and trying to be helpful to everyone while hiding my boiling frustration has beaten my spirit down and left me mentally drained. I do occasionally have ideas that could turn into potentially interesting reading but they always vacate the premises by the time I get around to writing things down, the same way a cat will leave the house on the day you finally remember to buy flea spray. Look out for future inane ramblings about being unfocussed (yes I'm serious), more crap about work being crap (oh yes, even more), complaints about my new bike already starting to fall apart, a real bitching about the fact I've lost around 15lb in weight since July but don't feel any better for it, and various excerpts from whichever books I'm bring influenced by (warning: I get drawn into things very quickly and I'm currently reading Jung).