Saturday, 18 September 2010

Eavesdrop on a train (2)

Coming home from work this time, on one of those tiny two-carriage trains that seems only fit for struggling between villages on obscure branch lines but are occasionally used for longer journeys. This one was going all the way to Penzance, stopping just about everywhere on the way like a highly predictable mystery tour, and at Totnes a dumpy middle-aged fuckwit got on with a bloke who was either her Dad or the world's worst sugar-daddy. She spent most of the time talking in a too-loud voice about absolutely nothing - another example of someone who talks a lot but says nothing, who just makes noise to hide the utter pointlessness of their existence. Yes I'm being harsh but I do despair of people who've managed to make it to their late forties without evolving beyond the babbling idiot they were in their early teens. Older doesn't always mean wiser, but it does seem to mean wider... As I got off the train I noticed she was showing her companion one of the apps on her iphone and I cringed - not because of who my employers are but because someone who probably feels proud of themselves for getting their shoes on the correct feet on the first attempt can afford a piece of kit like that while I'm struggling to fend off the bank.

Today's enlightening comment was this: "She said she can't leave the house in case it gets done over. I mean, what's she got that's worth nicking?"

To paraphrase Jethro: "Anybody can be stupid but she's abused the privilege"...

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