Monday, 18 October 2010


Twenty Ten Twenty Ten... Auspicious? Portentous? Pretentious? Pointless?
I can't remember when I first realised I was going to have one of these birthdays but I was quite young and 38 years old seemed a long way off. I suspect that in my usual whimsical and daydreaming manner I hoped the apparent pattern of the date would hold some sort of significance. I have since learnt that the only way it'll really be significant is if I write it in the American format (10.20.2010) as that'll almost make it a palindrome. Beyond that - pfft.

But then I am writing this 2 days before the event so perhaps something momentous will happen on the day. Maybe I'll win the lottery that night (I have bought myself a ticket just in case), maybe I'll get knocked off my bike while cycling along the Parkway towards the Tamar Bridge, maybe I'll decide that when I've unpacked all my stuff at J&T's field in Cornwall I'll climb a tree - and then I'll fall out of it, maybe my two nights of solitary camping will furnish me with a moment of revelation. I think it's more likely I'll enjoy the solitude, the fresh air and surroundings, the very basic pleasure of collecting wood and preparing the fire each evening, and reading books under the red LED in my headlamp.

When I started this entry I thought I had nothing to say - looks like I was right ;)

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Lord Rossington of the Manor said...

You never know, but watch out at twenty past eight, because then it will be 20:10 20/10/2010.

Enjoy the camping though bud :-D