Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Accept the fuct

For once I had a positive entry planned - the title was there, a few notes had been made about some potentially good news and I had a series of paragraph-sized smiley faces lined up. Now it's going to have to wait.

A few years ago my Taiji teacher gave us an amusing hand-out, just one side of A4 containing a few guidelines for our practice, each paragraph beginning with the phrase 'Accept the fact...' My positive entry was going to include a bit about my favourite one: Accept the fact that not everyone will 'get' your desire to train. After the inauspicious beginning of 2011 I'm going to have to use the first one on the list: Accept the fact that sometimes your training will suck bilge water.

OK, training wasn't actually that bad tonight but there've been enough annoying little knocks recently that I could easily bleat on for a good few pages like a spoilt kid who's been told he's not getting any Easter eggs this year. I'm not going to but that does lead me nicely into the airlock and ready for expulsion into space.

In an uncharacteristic moment of optimism early in 2010 I made a note of the following phrase which had popped into my head: 2009 was the year of broken eggs; 2010 will be the year of omelettes.

That didn't happen. Instead it was more like: 2009 was the year of broken eggs; 2010 was the year of standing around in a pile of broken eggs. 2011 can only get better. It'd fucking better.

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